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Video Packages

Online Skills Video Streaming

Our online streaming package includes over 50

skills videos organized into 13 modules.

Each video includes:

  • A clear and concise demonstration of skills 

  • A model of compassionate interaction

  • Subtitled "care tips"

  • A listing of "things to remember"

  • A listing of "things to report"

  • Closed-captioning

  • A brief description of the videos it supplements 

  • Additional resources for each skills video

  • A knowledge assessment quiz

Each module includes:


  • Prices reflect annual membership

  • ​Caregiver Training package - The Complete Set: $1500

  • Perineal care & toileting : $495

  • Transfers & ambulation: $450

  • Bathing & personal cares: $695

  • Please click on the button below to make an account, view free preview videos, and obtain more information about the video packages. 

Image of a person typing on a laptop
Image of Nurse Assistant Standing next to Elderly Woman

Overview of Video Contents

  1. Customer Service (2 videos) - entering and exiting a room skills

  2. Infection Control (5 videos) - skills to prevent the spread of infection 

  3. Safety (2 videos) - general safety and body mechanics 

  4. Vital Signs (7 videos) - view the collection of vital signs including TPR, BP, weight, and pain.

  5. Mealtime Assistance (2 videos) - Caregivers assist with mealtime and record intake

  6. Mouth Care (4 videos) - oral care, and denture placement, removal, and cleaning

  7. Perineal Care - Female (3 videos) - proper techniques for cleaning female patients in the bed, shower, and bathroom

  8. Perineal Care - Male (5 videos)- proper techniques for cleaning male patients in the bed, shower, and bathroom.

  9. Toileting (4 videos) - observe assistance with the bedpan, toileting, catheter care, and measuring output

  10. Bathing (3 videos) - full shower, tub bath, and bed bath

  11. Personal Care (6 videos) - a variety of skills including occupied bed making, foot care, nail care, elastic stocking placement, dressing, and hearing aids

  12. Ambulation (2 videos) - patients are assisted to ambulate with and without a walker.

  13. Transfers (9 videos) - A compilation of transfers from the bed, toilet, shower chair, and tub

DVD Video Series

  • We offer DVD videos in addition to our online streaming package.

  • The videos presented in the DVDs are the same as those available on the streaming platform, and come with the same learning materials. 

  • You have a choice of purchasing the entire program, in one comprehensive DVD set, or individual "care bundles" (see examples below). 

  • Our DVDs videos provide a permanent, hard copy of the training videos to those who may require it. 

To purchase a DVD video set, please contact us directly via phone or email.