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Our Partnerships

We partner with many different companies including schools of nursing, medical education suppliers, home care providers, and many more. Learn more about our trusted partnerships below. 

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Arapahoe Community College

Arapahoe Community College has integrated our online course materials into their Nurse Aide program to help prepare students for employment in hospital, home care, skilled care, and hospice facilities. Click on the image of their campus to learn more. 

Pocket Nurse

Our caregiver training videos have been available for sale on Pocket Nurse for over a decade and have sold hundreds of copies on this platform. Pocket Nurse is a leading supplier of medical education supplies for healthcare educational programs. Click on the Pocket Nurse Logo to learn more. 

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Home Nurse Making Bed

Here at OTS we firmly believe that every person should be afforded safe, effective, and compassionate care from the comfort of their own home. Our vision aligns with that of, whose goal is to ensure that seniors and their loved ones have the help and resources they need to remain independent and safe in their own homes. 

Click on the image of the home nurse to learn more.

Our partners at help consumers advocate for their health by providing them with learning guides and products that make lab testing accessible, convenient and affordable. At, you can order lab tests and at-home test kits through their online shop. Click on the image of the blood sample to learn more. 

Organizing Test Tubes
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